Benefits From Drinking Red Wine

25/07/2011 15:29

Is drinking red wine good for you? If consumed in moderation, it probably is. A whole range of health benefits is ascribed to red wine. Read on for the basics.

  1. Heart Benefits

    • Red wine contains the compound resveratrol and antioxidants called flavonoids and nonflavonoids. Together, these substances may protect the linings of blood vessels in the heart, reduce "bad" cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and prevent arteries from clogging.

    Cancer Prevention

    • Resveratrol may help suppress abnormal cell growth, keeping both breast cancer and prostate cancer from developing.

    Anti-Aging Properties

    • Resveratrol is linked in research with mice to reducing age-related or other inflammatory diseases like sepsis, appendicitis, and peritonitis. It may help the body with tissue maintenance, thereby extending the human lifespan.


    • In studies with mice, resveratrol was shown to reduce the numbers of fat cells, as well as reducing markers tied to obesity-related disease like diabetes and clogged arteries. In another study, it prevented fat accumulation in the livers of "alcoholic" mice.


    • While a small amount of red wine probably does have health benefits, excessive alcohol consumption is known to cause organ damage. Doctors recommend limiting red wine to one glass a day for women, and two for men.