Health Benefits of Red Wine

25/07/2011 15:22

Scientists have long speculated that red wine might be the key to good health for people in wine-loving regions like France and the Mediterranean countries. Now we know red wine delivers a concentrated dose of antioxidants, compounds that protect the body's cells from damage.

  1. Heart Health

    • Antioxidants in red wine protect heart health in two ways: They prevent the built-up plaque that slows blood flow to the heart, and they also reduce dangerous blood clots.

    Brain Health

    • Red wine's antioxidants also reduce toxic plaque build-up in the brain. Studies suggest they might prevent and even reverse the accumulation of toxins that cause Alzheimer's disease.

    Cancer Fighting

    • A daily glass of red wine cuts men's prostrate cancer risk by 50 percent. Resveratrol, a key antioxidant, reduces the development of animal tumors and slows growth of cancerous cells in the laboratory.


    • The recommended daily dose of wine is two glasses for men, one for women. Excessive drinking can actually increase your risk of liver damage and breast, throat and pancreatic cancer.


    • Resveratrol supplements may deliver the benefits of red wine without the downsides of alcohol consumption. Berries, green tea and chocolate also contain natural antioxidants.