Where should I store my wine?

14/05/2011 11:49

Whether purchasing a collector’s vintage bottle, appreciating a wine’s sweet aroma and savory taste or simply storing it for a special occasion, most wine connoisseurs agree that appropriate storage is the key component to collecting wines.

Storage Options

Storage options range from an in-home wine cellar, wine vaults or cabinets, off-site private storage areas, to a rack placed in the corner of the basement. In-home wine cellars or boxes may be purchased to install from price ranges anywhere from a few hundred dollars all the way up to $4000 for serious collectors. For most collectors, however, a pre-made option generally serves the same purpose. For a select few, primarily investment collectors, it may prove to be more cost effective to have a storage area custom built by a qualified contractor. Private companies are also available to store your wine collection in their environmentally controlled secured vault or cellar. Pricing, however, for such service may be more than some collectors are willing to pay.

Other avid collectors, though, are not deterred by the financial limitations. Such enthusiastic wine collectors deliberately seek a safe place to store their appreciating investments, and feel the cost is well-worth the services provided. Some collectors prefer a combination of storage options by storing the majority of the more expensive bottles at a private off-site storage facility; while only keeping a select few special bottles at home.

Storage Factors to Consider

No matter what storage option you choose, don’t forget to factor in these three components: accessibility, environmental controls, and vibrations. Accessibility requirements vary as much as the individual collector. Some collectors prefer access to their wines at any given time; these collectors typically own a wine cellar or storage area in their residence. Other collectors may opt for the services of a professional storage facility for the majority of their wine collection, keeping a select few bottles easily accessible at hand for guests to enjoy. Environmental controls are vital in preserving a wine’s true flavor. Humidity and temperatures must be constantly maintained. Wines are also sensitive to light as well as vibrations. If stored incorrectly, a wonderful bottle of wine can turn into sour grape juice within days.

In order to fully appreciate a bottle of wine with age, choose your storage options extremely carefully to avoid ending up with an expensive bottle of Opus One tasting like highly priced vinegar!**