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Perfect Wine & Cheese Pairings

14/05/2011 11:36
Everyone knows that cheese and wine are a match made in heaven. But if your knowledge of cheeses is limited to cheddars and your wine knowledge limited to Pinot Grigios, where do you begin? First off, there are two main ways to pair wine; by region and by taste. Pairing by region is often used because it is thought that what grows together, goes together! The “science” bit behind it is that the soil that grows the grapes to make the wine will be specific to the location it is in. This...

A Primer on Burgundy

14/05/2011 11:25
I have to say it: France, and specifically Bourgogne, what we in the great USA call Burgundy, is where the world’s best Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are grown. And I say “grown” because Burgundy is all about the vineyard rather than the chateau or winery. Not to say that there aren’t some excellent and least interesting Pinots and Chardonnays from other places – old world and new, oaked and unoaked, cool climate and hot climate, austere and crisp, or sweet, caramel-y, and in my view...

What Size Wine Cellar Will Hold My Wine Collection?

12/05/2011 14:18
Before you begin finalizing your wine cellar plans, it’s important to calculate the probable size of your wine collection. Figure out how large or small you would like your collection to be and the number of bottles you are currently storing. This will help you estimate the cost, size and materials needed to construct your wine cellar. A large-scale wine storage area isn’t necessary if you are planning on storing a few bottles in your home. For smaller collections, there are a few options....

Puglia Wine & Land

12/05/2011 13:36
In late winter 2000 I was invited to spend 6 days at the 3rd International Wine Convention in Puglia, Italy (Apulia in English). There were 65 guests including members of the press, tour operators and buyers present. Each group had their own program and schedule while we got together for many meals and several meetings. I will concentrate on my group of journalists from Denmark, Netherlands, Czeck Republic, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, China and the USA. My home for 5 nights was...

The Tradition of Champagne and Weddings

12/05/2011 13:27
There are lots of traditions associated with weddings, but toasting of the bride and the groom with Champagne is one of the most historic traditions that we honor. Champagne is truly the wine of celebration. It has launched thousands of ships, toasted billions of weddings, brightened countless parties, and graced untold special moments between two people. And just in case you are wondering where the phrase "toast" comes from, it comes from an ancient practice in the 6th Century. The Romans and...

Journey Through a Pazo Winery in Rias Baixas

12/05/2011 11:54
The wines of the Rias Baixas in Galicia are steeped in ancient tradition. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and lush green landscapes on the other, Spain’s demure white wine region rocks. But unlike the Rioja, its famous neighbor to the west, the Rias Baixas is not as high profile. Yet a journey through this region’s wineries, some anchored by elegant manor houses, inspires the promise of a return visit. Val do Salnes, north of Pontevedra, is just one of three wine producing...
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