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The spirit of Bordeaux wines

10/09/2011 15:27
Each Bordeaux wine has its own personality, intimately related to the special touch of the master winemaker or estate owner. Blending permits the specific elements from each variety to mix and bind together to create new elements. In the case of aromas, hundreds of active molecules in the wine interact during the blending process to create a new wine with a complexity, delicacy, and richness that surpass by far the simple addition of the characteristics of each of the assembled wines. It is...

How to Lose Weight by Drinking Red Wine

25/07/2011 15:54
The health benefits of red wine are many when consumed in moderation. Red wine is considered heart-healthy, a claim few indulgences can make. A 2009 article published by The Mayo Clinic suggested that the benefits from red wine likely stem from the high concentration of antioxidants, but also from resveratrol, which may help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots. New primate studies may link resveratrol, such as that found in red wine, to increased...

Red Wine Benefits for Women

25/07/2011 15:43
Ladies, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine after a hard day of work. Research has shown drinking a glass of red wine in moderation may provide health benefits for women. Researchers still have much to study in the red wine vs. health debate, so consult a physician before consuming red wine and drink in moderation. Benefits Antioxidants found in the skin of red wine grapes can have beneficial effects in women. Red wines can help prevent some...

Benefits From Drinking Red Wine

25/07/2011 15:29
Is drinking red wine good for you? If consumed in moderation, it probably is. A whole range of health benefits is ascribed to red wine. Read on for the basics. Heart Benefits Red wine contains the compound resveratrol and antioxidants called flavonoids and nonflavonoids. Together, these substances may protect the linings of blood vessels in the heart, reduce "bad" cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and prevent arteries from clogging. ...

Health Benefits of Red Wine

25/07/2011 15:22
Scientists have long speculated that red wine might be the key to good health for people in wine-loving regions like France and the Mediterranean countries. Now we know red wine delivers a concentrated dose of antioxidants, compounds that protect the body's cells from damage. Heart Health Antioxidants in red wine protect heart health in two ways: They prevent the built-up plaque that slows blood flow to the heart, and they also reduce...

Banyuls and Maury: sweet seductive red Roussillon!

18/05/2011 15:11
WORDS Much as I like Port in its differing forms, what gives Banyuls and Maury (also named after the places they come from) the edge, for my palate at least, is the simple fact that they're a touch less alcoholic: 16%-17% (sometimes a bit more such as La Tour Vieille's sublime "Meditation Wine" reviewed below) as opposed to around 20% for Port. And it's difficult to resist the charm that seductive Grenache somehow brings to these Vins Doux Naturels (VDNs) or vins mutés: "natural sweet wines" or...
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